Staff Directory

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Winslow Junior High School Office Staff

Jason Briggs (Principal)

Chris Preble (Asst. Principal)

Jim Bourgoin (Athletic Director)

April Washburn (Secretary)

Laurie Byrne (Clerk)

Robyn Maheu

Winslow Junior High School Guidance Office Staff

Kathryn Hersom (School Counselor) 

Winslow Junior High School Faculty

Mathematics Department

Christy Gagnon

Aaron Wolfe

Social Studies Department

Linda Lambert (Department Head)

Mary Beth Bourgoin

Specials / Unified Arts

Ben Clark (Music)

Kris Vigue (Music)

Andrew Doiron (IT/ STEM)

Kendra Littlefield (Health)

Hope Winkin (JMG)  -

Trenton Oliphant (Spanish)

Dominique Ryon (French)    

Winslow Junior High School Support Staff

Mark Bessey

Jocelyn Pooler

Sheldon Eames

Michael Brown

Cindy Giroux

Suzy Griffiths

Neil Wing

Tracy Welch

Franz Spiegel

School Resource Office (SRO): Ellen Stewart

Science Department

Paula Vigue

Mitchell Walston

Virginia Brackett (Department Head)

Language Arts Department

Lisa Ericson

Caleb Morin

Special Education / Gifted and Talented

Virginia Brackett (Gifted/Talented)

Antoine Morin

Kyle Duelley

Darrin Wood (Special Education)

Tetyana Fournier (ELL)

Kristen Bailey (Speech-Language Pathologist)

Social Worker


Food Service

John Hersey (AOS92 Food Service Director)