Caring for your child's academic and social/emotional needs is our top priority.

It is our belief that education is the foundation upon which our youth can build successful, happy, and productive lives. Education is necessary to nurture the developing self, the self in relation to others, and the self relative to the environment. We believe that every child has the ability to pull from their own reservoir of inner strength to navigate their way through life’s rocky terrain. The challenge for us is to help safely guide students on their journey toward a sense of trust in the self, and to trust their ability to develop goals for the future. We acknowledge that we live in a diverse world, rich with varying beliefs, faiths, and values, and for that reason, multicultural sensitivity is embraced and incorporated within the scope of practice.


Crisis Hotline Toll-free 24/7 1-888-0568-1112

DHHS – Child Protective Hotline Toll-free 24/7 1-800-452-1999

(to report child abuse/neglect)

Winslow Jr. High School partners with Kennebec Behavioral Health to offer school-based counseling services one day per week. They accept MaineCare and Anthem insurance and take teacher and parent referrals. For more information, please call Mrs. Hersom at 872-1973 or email:

Please call the Guidance department for a full list of counselors in private practice, specialties, as well as area mental health agencies.

Kathryn Hersom

School Counselor
872-1973 ext. 2370

Rachel Lagasse

872-1973 ext. 2371