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Winslow Junior High School

Winslow Junior High School Mission Statement

We believe that the purpose of Winslow Junior High is to assist in the total development of the adolescent child. Our goal is for our students to become skilled and enlightened learners, as well as productive citizens. It is our intent that they will have gained a body of knowledge and developed attitudes and abilities necessary to be successful throughout future school and community endeavors.

Words to Live by:

Respect, Responsible, and Safe. Students will be taught these behavioral expectations in all areas and events in our school. Students exhibiting these ‘Raiders Rules’ will be recognized and rewarded for their positive behaviors as we continually strive to create and ensure a Positive Learning Environment. Anti-bully programs and information are also a major focus of our efforts to maintain a respectful, responsible, and safe school for all.

School Announcements

Before you head out for school supplies, here are our supply lists for each grade:

Winslow Junior High School Videos from Mid Maine Tech

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