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Student of the Month

Winslow JHS highlights a student each month who shows character, scholarship, citizenship, leadership, and community service.   Introducing our new students of the month!

Congratulations to the 8th grade student of the month, Tyler Brockway!

This month’s student of the month has shown a lot of maturity and growth this year.  While sometimes quiet, he is attentive in class and participates readily.  He always has his school work done and done well. He has a great sense of humor that helps us all get through 8th grade. Amongst his peers, he is a good friend, listener, and helper and he is a leader both in the sports arena and in the classroom. We are happy to award Tyler Brockway the January Student of the Month Award.

Congratulations to the 7th grade student of the month, Jared Newgard!

Seventh grade student of the month for the month of January asks good questions, is confident, funny--but never at anyone's expense, helpful, humble, invested in his education and doing well, polite, positive, respectful, responsible, works hard, and is a good friend to people. You could say he’s... a good neighbor in our school community. That’s why in his block 1 English class, he’s called Neighbor Newgard!

Congratulations to the 6th grade student of the month, Alexis Gibson!

Student Lounge is rescheduled for February 15th. Students that earned Honor Roll for the first trimester are eligible to attend.

Check out the cell phone holders students made in Mr. Doiron's hands on tech class! 

Congratulations to the Excelerators on their programming award at the Lego League State Championship! Read more here. 

Check out the wonderful projects from Mr. Doiron's class including 3D printing and nail art. 

The first three weeks of the No Shave November competition! 

Thank you to everyone who donated items to our annual turkey basket drive. 
These will go to families in need in our community. 

Thank you to SSG Travis Mills for visiting our school 
and inspiring our students and staff! 

Before you head out for school supplies, here are our supply lists for each grade:

Please consider donating needed items for student health such as shampoo, conditioner, soap / body wash, deodorant, combs / brushes, etc.   Thank you for your support! 

Renaissance Letter

Congratulations to our Renaissance sweatshirt recipients and 
best of luck in high school! 

Congratulations to our Whitaker Award recipients, Olivia Tiner and Justin Bolduc, for their citizenship, service, work ethic, and character.  

Check out these projects from Mr. Doiron's class: "Students created toolboxes, portable cat feeders, art supply organizers, castle caddies and more in our hands on project class!" 

Congratulations to the winners of our annual Write Stuff competition! 
Elli Dow, Alaina Lambert, Emily Raynes, Kasondra French, Haley Martin, Paige Spears, and Jade Crimmins. 

Thank you to all of our students who made a difference shoveling out our community members. Read the article here or watch the news story.

Please consider taking the BrightBytes survey that the MLTI program requires. This information is helpful in regards to our school using this program. According to BrightBytes, the survey should  only takes around 10 minutes. Thank you! 

Check out the bat houses made in Mr. Doiron's class! 

Winslow Jr High competed in two teams at the Lego Robotics competition on Saturday Nov. 19th at Spruce Mtn High school. 31 teams from all over the states competed for the chance to advance to the State competition. Both of our teams qualified for the states and competed on Dec 10 at the Augusta civic center. Our Robotic Raiders team also won the 'Strategy & Innovation' award, and The Excelerators team won the 'Programming' award. 
Great job to both teams on an exciting day!

Check out the bird and squirrel houses 
and some 3D printing examples 
from Mr. Doiron's Tech Ed class

Please take a moment to respond to this survey about the proposal for the Winslow Junior High School building. Thank you! Click here for more information about the future of Winslow Junior High School.

Want to ski with others from AOS92? Click HERE for more information about Ski Club and HERE for their calendar.  Email Gayle Giguere at gigue@aos92.org for more information.