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Students in room 104 made masks to work on 'giving directions' skills and had a blast doing it!

Student of the Month

Winslow JHS highlights a student each month who shows character, scholarship, citizenship, leadership, and community service.   Introducing our new students of the month!

Congratulations to the 8th grade student of the month, Jaxen Weigand!

Jaxen has been on our radar since he was in 6th grade because his radiant personality lights up the hallways of Winslow Junior High School.  Now, as an 8th-grader our suspicions have been confirmed. Students and staff have informed us not only is he, indeed, cheerful but he is also very helpful to his peers and teachers and administrators and teammates.

He participates readily in class, takes academic risks, advocates for himself, and helps others when he sees a need. He was last seen helping another student in social studies and volunteering to do a math problem on the board in Mrs. Washburn’s class.  Congratulations, Jaxen!

Congratulations to the 7th grade student of the month, Hattie Bouchard!

This young person is...

Positive and polite

A natural leader

Calm, not pushy with her leadership


Kind and courteous

Detail-oriented, diligent!

ALWAYS makes good choices

Hugely motivated

On top of ALL her responsibilities and assignments

Plus, she has a great sense of humor

An easy smile

Can talk to anyone

And to top it all off, she’s super athletic, a USA swimmer!

When we asked the staff for thoughts about this student, Mrs. Vigue sent an email saying, “I’m so happy that she is the choice this month.  She is a kid who stands out by not trying to stand out. She is kind to EVERYONE and always has a smile ready.” Nice concluding thoughts on Hattie Bouchard! Congratulations on being our first seventh grade student of the month for this school year!

Congratulations to the 6th grade student of the month, Kaelyn Phinney!
Kaelyn was also honored for her hard work by Mr. Clark who says "
Kaelyn was a very enthusiastic band student at WES. Due to a scheduling conflict, she has not been able to participate in intermediate band this year. She has not let this stop her from practicing at home, or from learning a new instrument. She has been attending my Saxophone Boot Camp - every Black Day since the beginning of September, she has showed up at 7 am before school starts in order to learn how to play the saxophone - sometimes walking to school while carrying her saxophone on days that her father can't bring her! She has also attended jazz band, playing her clarinet and learning from the older students for the past several weeks. In speaking with her father I learned that she has maintained a very high average in Read 180, and is excited both about reading and playing music! I think this sort of effort goes above and beyond and ought to be recognized. I am pleased to present Kaelyn Phinney with the "Perseverance... I Survived Saxophone Boot Camp Award🎶🎷☺"

Before you head out for school supplies, here are our supply lists for each grade:

Please consider donating needed items for student health such as shampoo, conditioner, soap / body wash, deodorant, combs / brushes, etc.   Thank you for your support! 

Congratulations to Aidan Larabee and Emma Farnham on receiving the Whitaker Outstanding Student Award for 2018.  The award is for two students who show exemplary scholarship, service, character, citizenship, and leadership.  

Congratulations to the staff and contributors of Winslow Junior High's first ever Literary Magazine "It's Gonna Be Lit!" The magazine was released Tuesday, June 5th and included contributions from all grades at the school, each reviewed by three staffers in order to select those for publication. We're proud of the leadership team especially (pictured here): Editor-in-Chief Steven Sloat (8), Creative Director Nick Weiss (8), Managing Editor Anna Lakey (8), and Business Manager Alyssa Spaulding (6). These founders hope the magazine will be the first of many and are looking for staffers and an advisor for next fall.  The magazine is available for circulation at the Winslow Public Library and to review in the WJHS school library. We still have issues left, so interested buyers can purchase them at the front office until they're gone ($3 for 1 or $5 for 2). We also hope to sell them at the Talent Show on June 19th.

These baseball themed projects from Mr. Doiron's class are a hit! 

Mr. Doiron's Hands on Tech class made these sweet candy dispensers! 

Check out the video Ms. Brackett's students made as part of the 

YouTube Video

In celebration of Autism Awareness month, Mr. Wood's students made shirts and a bulletin board that reminds us that each of us has great talents, abilities, and dreams.  

Congratulations to Sam Schmitt and Damien Gilley for placing second at the state wrestling meet! 

Check out the key holders Mr. Doiron's class made! 

Congratulations to Mr. Clark and the 17 members of the WJHS jazz band who were able to make the trek to Millinocket for their 9AM performance at the MMEA State Middle School Jazz Festival, held at Stearns HS. The band earned a Bronze and improved on last year’s States score by 3.5 points - all while missing 15 members from our band that performed at District 4 in February.  Special thanks also goes to Mr. S for volunteering his Saturday to support our students!

Congratulations to the WJHS Odyssey of the Mind team for winning the Mockumentary Seriously Division II competition in the Challenger Region in Brunswick! 
Team members are Aidan Larrabee, Aidan Warme, Ryan Yang, Derick Capp, Miles McIntire, Anna Lakey and Alaina Lambert. 

Mrs. Jurdak's homeroom made blankets with fabric donations for the homeless shelter. Thank you for being a wonderful example of citizenship and service in our school!  

Mz. E was recognized by current and former students for her passion, dedication, and care for students after being nominated for teacher of the year a few years in a row.  Thank you for your hard work, Mz. E! 

Check out the cell phone holders students made in Mr. Doiron's hands on tech class! 

Check out the wonderful projects from Mr. Doiron's class including 3D printing and nail art. 

Thank you to SSG Travis Mills for visiting our school 
and inspiring our students and staff! 

Renaissance Letter

Check out the bat houses made in Mr. Doiron's class! 

Check out the bird and squirrel houses 
and some 3D printing examples 
from Mr. Doiron's Tech Ed class

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