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Welcome to our new Junior High School staff!   Mr. Briggs, Mrs. Gagnon, Mr. Doiron, Mrs. Jolicouer, Mrs. Cyr, Mrs. Diaz, Mr. Hersom, Mrs. Woodbury

WJHS News  

Thank you to all of our students who made a difference shoveling out our community members. Read the article here or watch the news story.

Recently the 6th grade had a friendly competition among homerooms to collect cans of cat food for the Humane Society in Waterville. On March 1st the winning classroom (Mr. Sturtevant's) took a trip to the Humane Society where they were able to take a tour of the shelter and spend time with the animals. Overall the 6th grade class collected almost 600 cans of cat food! Congratulations to the top 3 homerooms!
3rd place; Ms. Dineen
2nd place: Mrs. Tompkins
1st place: Mr. Sturtevant 

Student of the Month

Winslow JHS highlights a student each month who shows character, scholarship, citizenship, leadership, and community service.   Introducing our new students of the month! 

8th Grade: Cassidy McIntire

Cassidy was selected as the 8th grade student of the month because she is a quiet leader, kind to peers, polite, engaged, thoughtful, diligent, meticulous, thorough, creative, and witty. Congratulations Cassidy! 

7th Grade: Mikayla Rioux 

Mikayla was chosen as the 7th grade student of the month because she has an outstanding work ethic and high standards, is kind, diligent, thoughtful, generous, attentive, and an engaged learner. She is an intelligent young lady who is skilled in multiple areas in both the athletic and academic arena. She has a quiet style of leadership that becomes more evident the more situations and experiences she is exposed to. She is a friendly and caring young lady who will assist friends and classmates in need. Mikayla is always watching and listening. Congratulations, Mikayla! 

6th Grade: Lukas Stabins  

Lukas was selected because he is enthusiastic, humble, kind, driven, friendly, helpful, cheery, diligent, intelligent, eager, adventurous, creative, and a contributor. Congratulations, Lukas! 

Last month: 

8th grade: Jenna Libby

Jenna was selected as the 8th grade student of the month because she is conscientious, polite, respectful, gentle, thorough, kind, driven, dependable, solid, and sincere. Congratulations, Jenna! 

7th Grade: Zach VanAntwerp

Zach was selected as the 7th grade student of the month because he is willing to do anything, is a hard worker and incredibly pleasant, has a great personality, attitude, and sense of humor, asks questions, participates in class, is humble, responsible, respectful, liked by everyone, motivated to understand, always willing to help, does meticulous work, and asks clarifying questions. Congratulations, Zach! 

6th Grade: Mattie Vaillancourt 

Mattie was selected as the 6th grade student of the month because she is helpful, patient, creative, hard working, respectful, kind, responsible, friendly, caring, and always has a smile. Congratulations, Mattie! 

Please consider taking the BrightBytes survey that the MLTI program requires. This information is helpful in regards to our school using this program. According to BrightBytes, the survey should  only takes around 10 minutes. Thank you! 

Check out the bat houses made in Mr. Doiron's class! 

Winslow Jr High competed in two teams at the Lego Robotics competition on Saturday Nov. 19th at Spruce Mtn High school. 31 teams from all over the states competed for the chance to advance to the State competition. Both of our teams qualified for the states and competed on Dec 10 at the Augusta civic center. Our Robotic Raiders team also won the 'Strategy & Innovation' award, and The Excelerators team won the 'Programming' award. 
Great job to both teams on an exciting day!

The final results from the Winslow Junior High School Movemeber challenge are here: 
Congratulations to Mr. Preble for being voted as the winner of the Movember challenge! 

Participating staff members shaved their faces on Oct. 31st and pledged not to shave again until Dec. 1st to bring awareness to men's cancer health issues. Each Monday pictures were taken and posted and staff, students, and community members voted at the end of each week whose facial hair is the best. Proceeds will be donated to the cancer society in the name of Winslow Junior High School. Congratulations and thanks to all of our participants!

Check out the bird and squirrel houses 
and some 3D printing examples 
from Mr. Doiron's Tech Ed class

Please consider donating needed items for student health such as shampoo, conditioner, soap / body wash, deodorant, combs / brushes, etc.   Thank you for your support! 

Please take a moment to respond to this survey about the proposal for the Winslow Junior High School building. Thank you! Click here for more information about the future of Winslow Junior High School.

Laptops Replacing iPads at the Junior High: Changes are coming this summer to the State of Maine MLTI program that provides devices for 7th and 8th grade students.  The Department of
Education decided to replace their devices a year early and offer schools the choice of iPads or laptops for the next cycle of the MLTI program.  Our Junior High chose laptops for students next year, so students will be receiving 11 inch MacBook Airs.  Unfortunately, our
schools are not being given the option to purchase the current MLTI devices.  You can find more information on the MLTI program at  www.mlti.org

Before you head out for school supplies, here are our supply lists for each grade:

Want to ski with others from AOS92? Click HERE for more information about Ski Club and HERE for their calendar.  Email Gayle Giguere at gigue@aos92.org for more information.