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Congratulations Whitaker Award recipients Emily Nichols and Alyssa Spaulding! 

Congratulations to the 8th grade Renaissance sweatshirt recipients! 

Congratulations Class of 2020! 

Congratulations to Flight Team Me002 from Winslow Junior High School for their outstanding performance in the ROADS on Mars Freestyle Challenge. Akin to any NASA crew, ROADS (Rover Observation and Drone Survey) Challenge teams take on Mission Objectives and document the Mission with both video and a Mission Development Log. Usually accomplished through collaborative in-person work, this year's ROADS Challenge was virtual (or Freestyle), requiring students to collaborate virtually to accomplish the mission. Their teacher, Ms. Brackett, commented on one part of the challenge where they must design a drone to pick up rock samples on Mars: "They decided that since Mars had a metal core similar to earth and at one time was tectonic, there was probably magnetite on the planet and developed a strategy to use magnets... "  This and other solutions can be seen in the video from the terrific Winslow team here. Join the GMRI Crew in congratulating this great Maine team!

Our Winslow Jr High 8th Graders are working to raise funds to have a Community Celebration for our Beloved Winslow Junior High at the end of the year! Our Student-created design honors the building as well as all Winslow current residents, students, staff and all alumni. Orders can be shipped to the school for pick up or directly to your home. Please read our story in the fundraiser info!  WJHS History Project Fundraiser

Student Spotlight

Winslow JHS highlights students each month who show character, scholarship, citizenship, leadership, and / or community service.  These students are recognized by individual teachers and / or a grade level team. 

Congratulations to our latest spotlight winners for their hard work during this time:

Braedyn Parker
Bryanna Prentiss
Emma Barlow
Paige Owen
Taylor Waggoner
Maddy Achorn
Addie Blackstone
Edward Cubberly
Kayden Winn
Nikalus Stetson
Victoria Eccleston
Charles Byers
Abagale Waggoner
Congratulations to all of our spotlight students! Keep up the great work.