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Check out the cool 8th grade tape sculptures from the second UA Art rotation!

The Civil Rights Team has worked hard developing  banners for the state-wide 
DAY OF WELCOME, promoting the idea that ALL students are welcome in our school. All races, nationalities and countries of origin, all genders (including gender identity and expression), all disabilities, religions, and sexual orientations. 
These banners will be displayed in the foyer for the entire school year.
Check out Mr. Doiron's students' most recent Hands On Tech projects! 

Check out the great tape sculptures our 8th grade students are working on! 


Before you head out for school supplies, here are our supply lists for each grade:

Please consider donating needed items for student health such as shampoo, conditioner, soap / body wash, deodorant, combs / brushes, etc.   Thank you for your support! 

Congratulations to Alex Crews who earned the Outstanding Student Award for 2019 for his scholarship, service, character, citizenship, and leadership. Congratulations, Alex! 

Congratulations to our students who earned Renaissance sweatshirts! 

Learn more about the building updates, below: 

Check out the amazing cutting boards that students made in woodworking with Mr. Doiron!

Check out the creepy spiders and bats from Mr. Wood's room!
Students in room 104 made masks to work on 'giving directions' skills and had a blast doing it!

These baseball themed projects from Mr. Doiron's class are a hit! 

Mr. Doiron's Hands on Tech class made these sweet candy dispensers! 

Check out the key holders Mr. Doiron's class made! 

Mz. E was recognized by current and former students for her passion, dedication, and care for students after being nominated for teacher of the year a few years in a row.  Thank you for your hard work, Mz. E! 

Check out the cell phone holders students made in Mr. Doiron's hands on tech class! 

Check out the wonderful projects from Mr. Doiron's class including 3D printing and nail art. 

Renaissance Letter

Check out the bat houses made in Mr. Doiron's class! 

Check out the bird and squirrel houses 
and some 3D printing examples 
from Mr. Doiron's Tech Ed class