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Winslow Junior High School Office Staff

Jason Briggs (Principal) jbriggs@winslowk12.org

Danielle Wiegand (Secretary) dwiegand@winslowk12.org

Laurie Byrne (Clerk) lbyrne@winslowk12.org

Tammy Diaz (Nurse) tdiaz@winslowk12.org

Winslow Junior High School Guidance Office Staff

Tina Couturier (Guidance Counselor) tcouturier@winslowk12.org

Nickloas Shuckrow (Guidance Secretary) nshuckrow@winslowk12.org

Winslow Junior High School Faculty

  • Mathematics Department

Irene Dineen (Department Head)   idineen@winslowk12.org

April Washburn   awashburn@winslowk12.org

Aaron Wolfe   awolfe@winslowk12.org

  • Science Department

Sarah Hardy  shardy@winslowk12.org

Thomas Hersom thersom@winslowk12.org

Heather Tompkins   htompkins@winslowk12.org

Virginia Brackett (Department Head)  vbrackett@winslowk12.org

  • Social Studies Department

Linda Lambert (Department Head)   llambert@winslowk12.org

Kathleen Fleury   kfleury@winslowk12.org

Mary Beth Bourgoin   mbbourgoin@winslowk12.org

  • Language Arts Department

Lisa Ericson   lericson@winslowk12.org

Isaac Sturtevant Isturtevant@winslowk12.org

Christy Gagnon cgagnon@winslowk12.org

  • Specials / Unified Arts

Ben Clark (Music)  bclark@winslowk12.org

Kris Vigue (Music) kvigue@winslowk12.org 

Andrew Doiron (IT/ STEM) adoiron@winslowk12.org

Maire Pelletier (Art) mairepelletier@winslowk12.org

Sophie Erickson (JMG)  - serickson@winslowk12.org

Trenton Oliphant (Foreign Language - Spanish)  toliphant@winslowk12.org

Dominique Ryon (Foreign Language - French)  dryon@winslowk12.org          

Tetyana Fournier (ELL)  tfournier@winslowk12.org

Storm Kelso (Speech-Language Pathologist) skelso@winslowk12.org

  • Special Education / Gifted and Talented

Virginia Brackett (Gifted/Talented)  vbrackett@winslowk12.org

Murray Bourne (Special Education)  mbourne@winslowk12.org

Luke Hendsbee (Special Education)  lhendsebee@winslowk12.org

Darrin Wood (Special Education)  darrinwood@winslowk12.org

Winslow Junior High School Support Staff

  • Custodial Staff

Mark Bessey  mbessey@winslowk12.org

  • Educational Technicians

Laurie Byrne   lbyrne@winslowk12.org

Tracy Welch  twelch@winslowk12.org 

Jocelyn Pooler    jpooler@winslowk12.org

Leslie Pelletier lkpelletier@winslowk12.org

Franz Spiegel    fspiegel@winslowk12.org

Kyle Duelley kduelley@winslowk12.org

Paul Westin pwestin@winslowk12.org

  • Food Service

Paula Pooler (AOS92 Food Service Director) paula@winslowk12.org

Marylue Michaud (Head Cook)  maryluemichaud@winslowk12.org

Doreen Letourneau (Cook) dletourneau@winslowk12.org

Susan Porter sporter@winslowk12.org

School Resource Office (SRO): Ellen Stewart   estewart@winslowk12.org